Grade 50 steel is probably the most commonly used material in the Hoist industry. It's important to understand that all Grade 50 materials are not equal. Grade 50 steel is supposed to be 50,000 lbs minimum yield, though some body manufactures use uncertified secondary material that may be lesser quality. Champion purchases only top quality "premium" mill certified Grade 50 steel. All of Champion's Grade 50 steel is ASTM A1011 certified to ensure quality and consistency. To further enhance quality assurance, Champion purchases their Grade 50 steel from an American ISO 9001:2000 certified mill. Champion absolutely refuses to purchase secondary grade materials.

HSLA material provides more formability when bending the material.  HSLA material will contain more columbium and vanadium than material that is simply a structural Grade 50. This is a benefit to the manufacturer as well as the customer. The use of HSLA Grade 50 steel allows for higher consistency and precision in the manufacturing process giving the purchaser a higher level of craftsmanship in their hoist.

  • Champion uses grade 50 for subframes where lower yielding material is suitable.
  • A select few of Champion hoists are constructed of grade 50 where lower yielding material is suitable. Most use higher tensile 100k steel.

Champion suggests that all customers interested in purchasing Grade 50 steel dump bodies ask the manufacturer for mill material certifications to ensure that they are getting what they're paying for. If it's not premium certified A1011 Grade 50, then the customer may get a product constructed of lesser quality, lower yielding material.